Are you a talented artist or an event planning company, looking to organize an event in Canada?

Do you need funding for your event?

Do you need another business partner to make your event a success?


If Yes, Doobsiido is thrilled to see you considering us as your partner in your next successful event.


Doesn't matter whether if you are an artist, singing in any language, or from any country, or if you are an event planning business, Doobsiido is proud to work with any artists or any businesses, in funding, planning, organizing, ticket sales, and managing an event.


Doobsiido provides funding and management services for events and concerts for talented artists and/or for other event planning businesses. Doobsiido team puts event organizers and artists in a position to make commercial success happen.


Please Contact Us, and briefly explain about your event, about yourself/your business, and we will get back to you, soon, after we review your request.