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"You will be required to be fully vaccinated, in order to attend indoor publicly organized event, with large gatherings in Ontario" says one of the top-doctors in Ontario. Event Updates

Doobsiido Press had an interview with one of the top-doctors in Ontario, and we learned about an important regulation, which the top-doctor told us about.


"You will be required to be fully vaccinated, in order to attend indoor publicly organized event, with large gatherings" says one of the top-doctors in Ontario. This regulation will take affect anytime soon, but it is unknown when. "This regulation is for the safety of the Torontonians, and pretty much Ontarians. It is to stop the spread of the more contagious COVID-19 Delta variant, that might drive the fourth wave in Canada, as soon as September" the top doctor comments.


As Ontario is moving towards step 3 of the opening plan, people are gathering outdoors and indoors, in public places such as restaurants, shopping malls, and other public places, and more than half of the Ontario's adult population is fully (2-dose) vaccinated, according to COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker. As vaccination rates are going up faster than ever, the light at the end of the tunnel is becoming more visible, and close to reach.


With the casinos, movie theatres, gyms, bars, and other public places set to open on July 16, it is more likely that public organized events will also resume, after 16 months of lock downs and restrictions. However, the reopening itself comes with restrictions.


Many countries in the world are moving towards an almost fully reopening stage with no restrictions for vaccinated people; but, for unvaccinated people, it is going to be challenging time for them, as restrictions around the world do not allow unvaccinated people to attend some events and activities, or even be allowed to be some public places.


With vaccinated people having a strong protection against all of COVID-19 variants, including the Delta variant, most likely, the restrictions in the reopening plan will not affect them the same as unvaccinated people.


"At the moment, some European countries, Gulf countries (UAE, Qatar, Bahrain etc.), and even some states in the US do not allow unvaccinated people to attend events, sports in stadium, even go to gyms, movie theatres, and restaurants. This will happen in Ontario as well" says the top-doctor of Ontario.


"We will do whatever we can in order to convince Ford government to put this regulation in place, and enforce it in Ontario. Vaccine passports or identifications are great solutions" continues one of the top-doctors of Ontario. "This regulation will make sure only fully-vaccinated people to attend the organized event, which will bring the risk of the transmission and the infection of COVID-19 down among the attenders"


"Even if you are fully-vaccinated, most likely, you will need to wear a face mask when attending an indoor organized event" says the top-doctor of Ontario. "Even fully vaccinated people have the chance of carrying COVID-19, even if they don't feel the symptoms of COVID-19. Therefore, having an extra layer of protection will bring the risk down even closer to zero"


After a successful independent Doobsiido Press interview with one of the top-doctors of Ontario, we would like to notify our audience that you will need to be fully-vaccinated, in order to attend large organized indoor event, like the Behzad Leito live concert, which will take place very soon, and you will most likely need to wear a face mask, when attending the event.


Tickets are non-refundable, even if you are unvaccinated, and are not planning to get vaccinated soon. At the entrance of the venue, you will be asked to show a proof of vaccination, with a piece of ID, if you are age 16 or over. People under the age of 16 only need to show proof of vaccination. Since children under the age of 12 are not vaccinated yet, it is unknown whether they will be able to enjoy the same activities, such as attending event, with the fully vaccinated people.


The new dates for the Behzad Leito live concert was set for Summer-Fall 2021, but it is most likely that the date will shift to sometime between Fall 2021 and Winter 2022.


Ticket prices are set to rise very soon, so if you haven't purchased your ticket yet, we strongly recommend you to do so, to take advantages of the ticket pricing of 2020. You can purchased your tickets online here at Tickets will also be available to purchase through Radio Javan very soon. For cash payments, please email us at


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