Doobsiido is proudly a Canadian company! 🇨🇦

Doobsiido @ Rolling Loud Toronto "VIP LOUD CLUB"

We at Doobsiido are thrilled to announce that Doobsiido Exclusive Members will be invited to join the VIP Loud Club, at Rolling Loud festival in Toronto, Ontario.


Doobsiido Exclusive Members will have the chance to connect with artists, producers, labels, and production companies in the festival. With Doobsiido being a part of the VIP Loud Club, members will enjoy the following additional benefits:


- Elevated Deck for a clear view of the Main Stage

- Dedicated VIP Entrance, Parking and Valet option

- Dedicated Couches and Table

- Dedicated waitress and busser

- Amplified production within the LOUD CLUB

- Models & Celebrity guest appearances

- Option to order food and exclusive merch to be delivered to your section



If you would like to attend the festival, please reach out to your Doobsiido representative, or email us at


More information to be announced. You can visit for more details.