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Doobsiido News 2021 - Behzad Leito Event and Business Update

Behzad Leito concert official update:


Doobsiido and Java Events had announced the postponement of the concert, early in 2020. The proposed date of the event has changed a lot since the start of the global pandemic, and the government regulation changes aimed to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.


Doobsiido's last proposed period for the concert was Winter 2021, sometime between January 2021 and March 2021. Because of the effect of the second wave, and possibly the third wave in Canada, Doobsiido has set another proposed period for the event.


Behzad Leito's new proposed period is Summer 2021. If the pandemic is not controlled by then, and if the government still keeps extending the state of emergency, stay-at-home order, and the COVID-19 related regulations, such as banned events and gatherings, the proposed period will be postponed to Fall 2021, if not, the year 2022.


We see a lot of worldwide famous artists to plan worldwide tours in 2022, which most likely, in worst case scenario, we see our event to be postponed to mid-2022.


Doobsiido highly appreciates and thanks it's customers and its' audience for being patient through this worldwide pandemic, and promises to deliver the event successfully, as soon as possible. Doobsiido also reminds those who still haven't purchased their tickets, ticket price will increase, very soon. Those who still hold on the tickets will benefit from the fact that they have purchased their tickets in early 2020 for relatively lower price, and have hold on to it.


Doobsiido Inc. officially moves its' business to New York, United States, in March, and starts Labelling business


Doobsiido Inc. has made the decision to move its' headquarter office to the city of Buffalo, New York, in the United States. This decision is the result of Doobsiido starting its' labelling and recording company with songwriters and artists, and to do better business with American publishing and distribution companies.


Movement of Doobsiido Inc. to the United States will not affect its' Canadian operations, as Doobsiido Inc. will have it's subsidiary (Doobsiido Canada Inc.) to do its' business operations, Canada-wide.


Doobsiido will have its' recording and labelling department, called Doobsiido Recordings, and will start working with artists, and songwriters, to promote their music, their performances, and collect music royalties (masters, and composition), on their behalf.


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